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The down to earth Gaming Community.

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Discord Server

With us being a gaming community, we use Discord in order to be able to communicate efficiently with one another whilst gaming.


We play a wide range of games together as we believe that it only enhances the experience further to share it with others.


With many of us being close friends, we like to maintain a "no drama" type of community, so please be considerate of this before joining.

Gaming Variety

Grand Theft Auto: Online

As you can see with some of the screenshots, this is during actual gameplay with Team OG.

These are only some examples of the games that we like to play in our spare time, and we always like to have a laugh when we plays games. as you can see with a bunch of us all crammed into a pink limo


Garry's Mod: DarkRP

This screenshot is from us playing on a Garry's Mod on a DarkRP server where we had one of our members have the Police initate on them whilst we were on a survei surveillance operation.

Our move was to watch the Police movements throughout the city before we went ahead and raided an enemy organisation, and raid the bank to see how they moved and responded.


Arma 3

We also like to switch up the gameplay and keep it fresh, this is apparent with our rotation of games that we play with Arma 3 being a good example

This screenshot was taken whilst gearing up at HQ before we went out on an operation where we inserted via helicopter and moved as a squad to work towards objectives with other squads.

Content Creation

With some of us being quite creative or sometimes just having that creative feeling, we enjoy content creation. The videos that we create are generally made up of clips that are gathered from gameplay with other Team OG members, and hence the videos are created in a relaxed, positive or funny manner or in other cases even true stories.

Below are some of our YouTube Channels which you can visit by clicking the headings.


Credits go to Logan, aka LOM for the video that you see if you click the image in the middle, the video consists of clips gathered from me and him playing Battlefield 4 recently.

This is my personal channel which consists of videos that are a means for me to learn video editing and have share some moments we have.


This is Logan’s channel that has some nicely edited videos that vary between some really cool clips on games to otherwise hilarious moments in game.

This is Dorian’s channel which currently is under development, but hopefully soon will have some content posted. Stay tuned!

This is Matt’s Channel which contains more true story and transformation videos that you may find very inspiring.

More Coming Soon

We may soon add some more channels which you can browse videos on if any other Team OG members take up content creation so certainly stay tuned!